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Blood Pressure Monitor

Measure your blood pressure and heart rate and transmit your data to your Doctor.

BPM Support Video

Watch our device support videos to learn how to use your Blood Pressure Monitor.

Using Your Blood Pressure Monitor

1. Insert the 4 included AA batteries or connect the optional AC adapter into the device. Once inserted, the device will initiate initial pairing with the mobile network.
2.¬†While pairing the symbols “Oo” and “oO” will be shown alternately. This process normally takes about 15 seconds, but may take longer when the signal is weak.
3.¬†When pairing is completed successfully, the device will display the symbol “[]” and then shut off. The device is now ready to use.
4.¬†Plug the connector on the cuff tube into the device. Be sure to use the port marked “Cuff Port” instead of the port for the AC adapter (at the opposite side).
5.¬†Tie the cuff on the upper arm. Make sure the cuff’s edge is around 1 in (2-3 cm) above the elbow and the artery marker of the cuff has been placed over the main artery (on the inside of your arm).
6. Place your arm resting comfortably on a flat table. The cuff worn on your arm should be placed at the same level as your right atrium of the heart.
7.¬†Press the “on” button to turn on the monitor. The cuff will automatically inflate, take a reading and then deflate. Remain still until the cuff deflates completely.
8. Your results will be displayed and saved to the device prior to transmission starting.
9.¬†During data transmission the “cloud with arrow pointing upwards” symbol will flash. This process normally takes around 5 to 10 seconds but may take longer when the signal is weak
10.¬†If successful, the LCD will display OK. If unsuccessful, the LCD will display “E5” or “E6”, and the measurement will be sent on the next successful connection.
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Here are some activities that affect your blood pressure readings

  • Within 1 hour after dinner or drinking¬†
  • Within 20 minutes after taking a bath
  • A very cold environment
  • Immediate measurement after tea, coffee, smoking
  • Talking or moving your fingers
  • When you have to go to the bathroom
Blood pressue reading

Device Maintenance

  • Put in a dry place and avoid the sunshine
  • Avoid intense shaking and collisions Using wet cloths to remove dirt
  • Avoid touching water, clean it with a dry cloth in case
  • Avoid dusty and unstable temperature environments
  • Do not attempt to clean the reusable cuff with water and never immerse the cuff in water

What are systolic / diastolic
blood pressure readings?

When heart ventricles contract and pump blood out of the heart, the blood pressure reaches its maximum value in the cycle, which is called systolic pressure.

When ventricles relax, the blood pressure reaches its minimum value in the cycle, which is called
diastolic pressure.

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