Weight Scale

Weight Scale

Measure your weight and transmit your data to your Doctor.

Weight Scale Support Video

Watch our device support videos to learn how to use your Weight Scale.

Using Your Weight Scale

1. Insert the 4 included AA batteries into the back of the scale. Once inserted, the device will initiate initial pairing with the mobile network.

2. While pairing the symbols “Oo” and “oO” will be shown alternately. This process normally takes about 15 seconds, but may take longer when the signal is weak.

3. When pairing is completed successfully, the device will display the symbol “[]” and then shut off. The device is now ready to use!

4. Lay the scale flat on a level surface. Ensure the scale is away from water or other hazards.

5. Step onto the scale and try to hold still while it calculates your weight. The display will flash a number once a measurement is locked in.

6. Once a measurement is locked in, the scale will save it and begin the data transmission process. You do not have to stay on the scale during data transmission.

7. During data transmission the “cloud with arrow pointing upwards” symbol will flash. This process normally takes around 5 to 10 seconds but may take longer when the signal is weak.

8. If successful, the LCD will display OK. If unsuccessful, the LCD will display “E5” or “E6”, and the measurement will be sent on the next successful connection. * To change the measurement unit, you can press the button in the battery compartment to cycle through pounds, kilograms, or stones.

Weight Scale
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Weight Scale

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