Innovative Tech Solutions for Doctors

Health Wealth Safe is a medical technology company that provides innovative tools for patients and physicians.

Our mission

To bring patients and doctors together for the good of the person who matters most: The Patient.

Why choose
Health Wealth Safe for your practice?

Health Wealth Safe, Inc. would like to change the world and reduce the cost of healthcare here in the US.  We create solutions for INDEPENDENT PHYSICIANS, making their practices more profitable and their patients healthier.

Remote Patient Monitoring

If you’re considering new ways to increase revenue in your medical practice, give our customized, turn-key RPM service a shot.¬†

Chronic Care Management

The unmatched solution for CCM services with the highest patient enrollment rates, maximum retention, and the greatest revenue capture.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

RTM helps you increase revenue by monitoring your patients nonphysiological data with attention to therapy, adherence and response.

This is the future of medicine

+ Our Solutions Influence Healthcare For All

Our products, as individual solutions, or bundled together, will save your practice time and money, so you can spend more time with your patients, while bringing down the cost of US healthcare.

Subodh K. Agrawal, MD FACC‚Äč

Our Solutions Influence Healthcare For All