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Linking patients + doctors together through technology.

Health Wealth Safe connects you to your doctor. Digitally.

Did you know you have total access to your health records? You can request any of your electronic health records from your doctor, hospital, or any medical facility for free, thanks to the 21st Century Cures Act. Click below to learn more!
If a provider will not release your records, you can file a Complaint Here

Care Manager Support

Care Managers provide program on-boarding and tech support

Easy Support

We offer experienced teams working around the clock to help patients and doctors stay engaged in their health.
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Easy Care Tools

Let us help you control your health records, track your care.

Easy Tools

Use our apps and software to enhance the way you engage with your healthcare.
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Safe & Secure Services

Safe, secure, HIPAA compliant data that is accessible to those that matter most, 24/7.

Your Privacy Matters

Share your data to only those that need it. Like family, or the family doctor.
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We bring Patients closer to their Doctor through digital connection. This is the future of patient care. Learn more >
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Stay Connected to your Health Records Health Vitals Doctor Family History

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To Manage Your Chronic Disease

Simple Devices

Send your vitals straight to your doctor.