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If you’re wondering about ways to increase revenues in your medical practice, give our customized, turn-key RPM service a shot. View your patient dashboard to review health data from patient devices while they are out of the office. Get head-on tips to get your healthcare practice back on track with an organized notification system that works for you and your patients.


How RPM Helps

Real-time health data.
Our RPM technology streamlines patient data to your enhanced portal. You keep an eye on the patients’ readings at regular intervals and interact with patients needing changes in their medication and offer applicable prescriptions.
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Faster Care

Teams that care about your patients and clinic.
Our Care Managers keep patients engaged with their health through the app, and monthly phone calls. If your patients fail to respond to their care instructions, a Care Manager will contact them to notify them of their medication updates.
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Better Monitoring

Health data at your fingertips.
Our RPM technology streamlines patient data to your enhanced portal. You keep an eye on the patients’ readings at regular intervals and interact with patients needing changes in their medication and offer applicable prescriptions.
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Increase Revenue for Your Healthcare Services

If you’re wondering how you can improve the revenue in your remote medical practice, look no further than the astonishing offers through our customized platform. The portal will locate the best potential areas of improvement for you as a physician. Be it the mismanagement of scheduling appointments or a disorganized notification system for your most vulnerable patients. Get head-on tips to get your healthcare practice back on track and boost your revenue to your heart’s content.

Providers can leverage this technology to notify patients to take medications or even attend upcoming sessions.

Members of the healthcare team can track staff usage and lower the amount of administrative work.

Alongside remote healthcare facilities, myRemoteCheckup enables patients to encash bills from several health insurance companies.

This platform leverages videos to enable strong communication skills leading to a positive patient-provider relationship.

How Remote Patient Monitoring Helps Patients + Practices

RPM is the use of modern-day digital advancements to monitor and record medical and other health data from patients. The program sends out free healthcare devices to patients to help facilitate the management of health conditions that can be monitored directly from HWS’s office. All of this information can be electronically transferred to the servers of healthcare providers for assessment. If needed, patients can be advised with necessary instructions for a better health system. This technology allows physicians to regularly track healthcare data for patients. It also encourages patients to govern more authority of their health status.

Reduced Costs for Chronic Health Conditions

Treatment of chronic conditions sums up an enormous amount of the economic burden on the healthcare system. Prolonged treatments for chronic conditions include financial and physical strains. Fortunately, these programs can help manage chronic conditions, with regular measurement of physiologic data, communication, and feedback. Additionally, we provide your patients with blood pressure monitors and other similar devices to remotely monitor chronic conditions and analyze the data set. So, why not benefit from this free opportunity to attract more patients to your healthcare practice?
Reduced Costs for Chronic Health Conditions

Financial Benefits for RPM​

Practitioners are finding this virtual method to be enticing as a safe and effective process for maintaining healthcare services to their most vulnerable patients. Critical illnesses (heart complications or COPD patients) are being served better with RPM. Thanks to the collaboration of CMS and myRemoteCheckup, physicians can now receive upto $2000 per patient per year by offering remote healthcare services. Hence, without any additional investments, you are being able to cater to patients in a better manner generating more revenue for your practice.
Financial Benefits for RPM

Linking Physicians + Patients​

The benefits of this process extend its wings to providing solutions to both physicians and patients. Physicians can now keep their wards healthier through simplified means of monitoring allowing people to reduce the need to leave their homes. They don’t need to travel to a practice center to receive the services provided via remote patient home monitoring. This process allows patients and physicians to come under the same roof and be active participants in healthcare regimes.
Linking Physicians + Patients?

Reducing the Number of Hospitalizations

With routine checkups and electronic devices getting available at individual homes through the goodwill of RPM, patients are having to be admitted at hospitals much less than before. Not only does this save up on time and effort, it even benefits patients from loads of medical costs and expenditure.
Reducing the Number of Hospitalizations

Our Remote Patient Monitoring App

The future of healthcare is on the lines of being virtual, patient-centric, and round-the-clock service. This will enable patients to ask for healthcare services at any random point of time and from any place that they need. To achieve this, there’s a need for better monitoring of patients, detecting illness, and managing healthcare at scale.

Health Wealth Safe, through its RPM methodology, teams up with physicians to deliver high-quality healthcare right at the comfort of your home. We’ve developed an enterprise platform in the form of my RemoteCheckup that gathers data across all patient classes and allows healthcare offices and physicians to tailor remote medical services, care management, and private inspections for each individual patient.

We are transforming healthcare by substituting traditional approaches with the market’s most comprehensive, patient-centered, and holistic connected-care platform. Give us our platform a try to check how we can help you get started and scale comprehensively. Our effective remote care programs will help create outstanding medical and financial ROI for acute and chronic care as well as wellness management.

Remote Patient Monitoring App

Setting patients on the right path leading them to a continuous route for a healthy life is Health Wealth Safe’s main priority. Using myRemoteCheckup, you can choose from more than hundreds of clinical and engagement options or combine them into numerous healthcare programs.

Our innovative portal encourages patients to take complete control of their medical needs while enabling physicians to gather crucial information in between consecutive sessions. myRemoteCheckup allows you to monitor your patient’s health information while enhancing patient engagement from the comfort of any random place – be it their own home, workplace, or while they are traveling.

RPM was developed to help practitioners offer medical care to their patients outside the limitations of a traditional office setup. Patients can make use of connected Bluetooth devices right at home such as heart monitors and blood pressure cuffs. These devices automatically help upload patient data through the cellular network to be monitored by doctors and physicians. Many patients are already in the direction of conducting health tests at their homes, but with Health Wealth Safe you will be ensured to not miss a measurement on any day of the week, literally.

Our integrated virtual video sessions leverage both patients and physicians to stay on the same page allowing fast, simplified reviews, assessments, and treatment of patients outside the hospital. With the help of our one-click integration with healthcare services, such as medication, chronic care checkups, and much more, we allow easy coordination of in-home healthcare. We help facilitate in-home paramedics and physician services to provide end-to-end healthcare services in the right settings at the right time.

In 2020, Medicare added up an extra reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring to an approximation of $120 per patient per month when healthcare providers are enrolled in a qualified program. The process allows your office to monitor the most vulnerable patients from your database with ease and be well compensated for your sessions and time. Seems too good to believe?

Scheduling and automating patient encounters through myRemoteCheckup to connect, interact, educate, monitor, and guide gives you a great route towards achieving medical success.