Weight Scale

1: Insert four AA batteries into the back of the scale. Once inserted the scale will perform an initial secure pairing with the mobile network.

2: The symbols displayed on the screen will display on the scale while pairing, The secure pairing process normally takes around 15 seconds but may take up to 2 minutes.

3: This symbol will show once pairing is complete. Your scale is now ready to use.

4: Lay the scale on a flat and level surface away from water or other hazards. Don’t use the scale while it is wet or otherwise slippery

5: Step onto the scale and try to hold still while it calculates your weight. The display will flash a number once a measurement is locked in

6: Once a measurement is locked in the scale will save it and begin the data transmission process 

7: During transmission the scale will display this symbol. You do not need to stay on the scale during the data transmission. If transmission is successful the OH symbol is shown. If the connection fails an error “E1” is displayed, in this case the measurement is saved and will be sent on the next successful connection. 

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