Before use, Make sure to charge your device and Choose a sterile location to set out your supplies.

You should Run a quality control check once per month. 

To run a quality control check,

  • Click the left button go to settings
  • Go to “control solution”
  • insert a test strip in the meter. 
  • Take a small drop of the control solution and place it on the tip of the test strip. 

It will give you the result, then you can discard the test strip.

Preparing the Lancet Device

  1. Pull the cap off the Lancet Device
  2. Insert the Lancet
  3. Take the round cap off the lancet (do not throw away the cap)
  4. Put the Lancet device back together
  5. You can Adjust the thickness of the needle prick by twisting the top
  6. Pull the bottom of the device until it clicks
  7. Set aside

Prepare the Glucometer 

  1. To power on the device, hold for three seconds. 
  2. You will then see an apple to indicate if you are fasting, only press the power button to show that you have eaten a meal. The apple will then change to a bitten apple.
  3. Insert test strip horizontal and then the device will indicate that it is ready for the drop of blood to be applied.
  4. Prick your finger by pushing the button on the side of the Lancet Device
  5. Drop a small amount of blood on the tip of the test strip
  6. Then the device will count down and display the reading of your sugar level

Your result is automatically sent to your Health Wealth Safe Health Record in your Patient Portal

Make sure you remove the lancet and put the cap back on the needle. Take the Lancet and test strip and dispose of it carefully in the trash can. 

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