Frequently Asked Questions

1.What do I do if my physician is not apart of My Remote Checkup?

You can reach out to us at info@healthwealthsafe.com and we will reach out to your doctor to see if they want to participate! Just leave us your doctor’s name and location and we will be back in touch with you shortly.

2. Can I sign up without my primary care physician?

No, unfortunately we have to be partnered with your primary care physician. If your doctor is currently not using My remote Checkup, keep checking back! We are constantly getting more doctors on board!

3. Can I change my daily questions?

Your questions are assigned by your doctor to help give you the best care possible! If you feel there is an issue with the questions being asked, you can always reach out to us or bring it up to your doctor in your next visit!

4. Is there a way to answer my questions on the phone?

Yes! You can find the Auto Call Schedule page of the app in the Get Care menu. Here you can set up an automated call that will ask you your health questions, or you can just give us a call at 877-581-8810

5. How do I access my health data on the app?

You can view your past responses to your health questions on the home screen under the Health tab.

6. Is there a difference in the graph view and log view on the home screen?

Both of these views display the same information. The graph view will show a bar graph of your responses over time. The log view will show you the specific response you had on a specific day.

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